We Can Help! 

Have you ever been trapped by hiring the wrong person? At Blackvard we believe a company’s employees are its greatest assets. That’s why we have created our professional Blackvard Placement Services (BPS) to help assist organizations in recruiting the most qualified candidates for each position – the first time!

Our highly selective filters and screening services (BPS) have resulted in an acceptance rate of 1 in 5 candidates, and ensures each applicant is competent to complete their specific position requirements. We pre-qualify each candidate to guarantee they have the right mix of training, experience and qualifications – assuring quality code and system architecture.

You will only have interviews with applicants who truly demonstrated during our BPS screening that they will deliver what they say they can. Want a demo of our BPS? Please suggest an appropriate time to connect for a brief call at +1 (484) 401-7218, or send us an email to info@blackvard.com and we’d be happy to provide information regarding our services and how we can help you stop wasting time and money on the wrong people.