SAP HANA Career Path Training

Using in-memory database technology, SAP HANA allows for the rapid processing of massive amounts of data in real-time. Use SAP HANA’s state-of-the-art innovative user-friendly experience to process large amounts of data, such as from the Internet of Things and Big Data, to easily create real-time business processes, models, simulations and predictions.

Our SAP HANA Career Path Training will teach you the skills you need to become a successful SAP HANA Developer:

SAP HANA Administration:

  • Database Installation, Layout/Design, Database Sizing, Data Tiering & Archiving.
  • HANA Tool Set Integration (Studio/Analysis Office/Lumira) & HANA Performance Tuning.
  • HANA Backups/Restore, Data Migration, and Dynamic Tiering.
  • HANA live/modeling & data warehouse with HANA outside of SAP BW.
  • Installation & Configuration of Trigger-based Replication.
  • HANA Database connectivity w/ other systems (on-premise/cloud/hybrid).
  • SAP HANA Security setup, Database accessibility, and HANA Transports.
  • SLT Installation, Configuration and Replication Monitoring.

SAP HANA Application Development

  • User Interface, Database & Client-server Communication Services.
  • Tools for SAP HANA Application Development & User Interface: SAPUI5 Development.
  • Database Design with Core Data Services (CDS Views) & ODATA Services.
  • Analytical Layer Modeling & Server-side Scripting W/ SQLScript and XS Classic JavaScript.