Internet Of Things Using SAP HANA

Lesson One:


Introduction To Internet of Things – Not sure about all the hype surrounding The Internet of Things? Lesson One of our five part Internet of Things Using SAP HANA training series will brief you on the world of IoT and catch you up to speed on how it is set to be ubiquitous in our lives: from workout gear, warehouse shipment fleets, and even our ‘smart’ homes. Learn how to acknowledge the potential and not get left behind! Download Lesson One Here

Lesson Two:

XS Trial Application Prerequisites & Setup – Ready to get started? Lesson Two of our new IoT training series will show you step-by-step how to download and install Eclipse JAVA EE IDE for Web Developers, as well as SAP HANA Tools for Eclipse. Once your systems are ready to go, we’ll then demonstrate just how easy it is to register for your very own FREE trial account on SAP HANA Cloud. Download Lesson Two Here


Lesson Three:

HANA XS Web Service – Unsure how tight integration with the SAP HANA Cloud database can ensure optimal performance? Lesson Three of our IoT series will illustrate the true value of maximizing application development simplicity and deployment, while minimizing architectural layers. You’ll learn step-by-step how to create a web browser enabled XS application, which you can run directly on your Free SAP HANA Cloud trial account. Download Lesson Three Here


Lesson Four:

Consuming Data With HANA XS – Now you’re ready to begin enhancing the HANA XS Web Service that you created in lesson three of our IoT training course. In this lesson, you’ll utilize JavaScript to enhance the web service, which you will then use to parse data from a URL to your database. Download Lesson Four Here

Lesson Five:

Sample Application – “Putting The Pieces Together” – Now let’s put all the pieces together! The fifth and final lesson to our five part Internet of Things Using SAP HANA training series will demonstrate just how effectively HANA Web Services consume data; utilizing data visualization, improving your business processes and saving you valuable time and money. Download Lesson Five Here