SAP Leonardo Career Path Training

It sounds like you are interested in SAP Leonardo® Development!

SAP Leonardo® is an intelligent digital innovation system that seamlessly integrates future-facing industry-specific technologies and capabilities into the SAP Cloud Platform®, using Design Thinking Services. This powerful portfolio enables users to rapidly create new innovative applications, adopt new business models and capabilities, and fast-track digital transformation.  


SAP Leonardo® Developers apply digital technologies like the Internet of Things, Big Data, blockchain, machine learning, and analytics to create new business models, redefine business processes and create new working environments to increase profitability.

As a future SAP Leonardo® Developer, your responsibilities may include exciting things like:  

  • Perform system implementation, testing, deployment and maintenance. 
  • Develop reports and visualizations to monitor KPIs and metrics for managing Leonardo via tools like SAP Analytics Cloud®. 
  • Implement tools for improving processes &&workflows regarding automation, monitoring, deployment technologies, & performance. 
  • Create concepts for consolidating data from different technical sources and optimize how to derive business insights. 
  • Develop and code SAP® internal tools to enable end to end reporting solutions and systems integration. 
  • Work with development, systems and applications teams to solve deployment and automation problems. 
  • Design, develop, and support software for cutting-edge automation framework. 
  • Develop and implement standards for high quality software development and delivery.


Our SAP Leonardo® Career Path Training will teach you the skills you need to become a successful SAP Leonardo® Developer:

  • Connect things with people and processes and leverage Industrial IoT and Internet of Everything. 
  • Use machine learning software and artificial intelligence-based insights to build an intelligent enterprise. 
  • Deploy analytics across enterprises to uncover better insights that enable transformative actions. 
  • Process and manage vast amounts of diverse, raw data efficiently using advanced distributed processing engines. 
  • Embed blockchain services into business applications to speed up transactions, and increase trust/visibility/security. 
  • Monetize business data and create new revenue streams by offering Data-as-a-Service internally, or to customers.


Our SAP Leonardo® Developer Career Path Training consists of 2 Training Modules. You’ll begin your training with a basic overview of the innovative digital technologies of SAP Leonardo® and progress module-by-module through the 2 Training Modules featured below.

SAP LEONARDO® - INTRO Learn the fundamentals of how SAP Leonardo® is transforming the intelligent enterprise through the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, analytics, Big Data, blockchain and data intelligence.


SAP LEONARDO® & IOT This beginner’s level training module teaches how The Internet of Things (IoT) can be utilized by SAP Leonardo® to drive sensors and intelligent devices to help keep your enterprise ahead of the competition.


More SAP Leonardo Modules coming soon...