How We Compare…

I recently completed’s Developing Software Using Design Thinking online training course and would like to spend a few moments now to compare and contrast’s training to our training here at Blackvard Management Consulting.

Overall, the openSAP course was decent. The course utilized short video training clips to explain the details of the Design Thinking phases and featured a real-world business case study scenario of improving the user experience for everyday vending machine users. In a few lessons, additional reading material and videos were accessible but I missed the interaction between students and the experts, which I am used to in our training courses.

Here at Blackvard, our training courses are a lot more complex than simple short video clips. Our training units include in-depth training content, accessible in our state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS), as well as hands-on practice in our system sandboxes such as the SAP Cloud Platform and the newest SAP ABAP 7.5 release. Regardless of the complexity of the latest SAP development topics or the day-to-day SAP user trainings – we always provide Live-Sessions with our experts and trainers.

In the openSAP course, weekly assignments, in the shape of short quizzes, were required to be completed for course progression. I personally found many of the assignment questions to be easy or silly throwaway questions. At Blackvard, we ensure 100% quality exam questions (certificate level) and also provide live remote Q&A sessions with our team of experts that enable students to quickly overcome training roadblocks and fully utilize the learning potential contained within our training content.

One final downside to the openSAP course was that only a small fraction of the enrolled students were chosen to participate in the group work. Students who were not selected could still view the training videos, complete the weekly course assignments and earn a confirmation of participation, but could not participate in the hands-on group work in any manner (which I felt was the most critical part of the entire training course). At Blackvard, our Learning Management System’s features such as groups, forums and chat rooms allow for inclusion of an unlimited number of students to work together on projects in groups of any size.

If you would like additional information about our fully customized LMS training courses and hands-on practice sandboxes simply email us at info@blackvard.comor call 484-401-7218.