SAP ABAP, otherwise known as Advanced Business Application Programming, is a high-level general report creation processor and programming language. ABAP works cohesively with NetWeaver, as the language for programming SAP Application Servers and is used to build business applications.


  • User interfaces, object development and bundling (methods/function modules)
  • Encapsulate or modularize your development in to classes
  • Database table creation and management
  • Processes and features deployment (transports)
  • Transaction code familiarization and tutorials (SE80/SE16/SE51/SE24/SE37, etc.)
  • Source code activation and editing instruction
  • SAP Netweaver Repository, Reports, Parameters, Syntax, Patterns, Data Definitions, Loops
  • Conditions, Data Structures, Data Dictionary, Database Tables, Database Select-statement
  • Error Analysis, Debugging, Breakpoints/ Watchpoints

…and much more!