Have Questions Regarding a Career in SAP Consulting? Let us answer them! 

Knowledge in SAP has quickly become one of the most sought-after skills in the last decade for businesses of all sizes. Not only are Fortune 500 companies utilizing SAP, but small business owners are also taking advantage of SAP’s state-of-the-art technology. The rapid growth of SAP has made SAP consulting one of the most lucrative professions in the IT industry – the intricacies of required tasks and the increasing demand for services, offer excellent career opportunities.

What are the requirements for a beginner in SAP consulting?

For beginners, prior SAP knowledge is an advantage but not a prerequisite. Some prerequisites that SAP hiring managers might look for are as seen below: 

  • A minimum requirement of a college degree.
  • A degree in computer science or experience in data programming related jobs.
  • SAP certification of relevant modules or on-the-job training experience.
  • Domain knowledge of functional SAP modules (FICO, MM, WM, SD, PP, HR, etc.).
  • Excellent understanding of programming languages ​​and logical thinking.
  • Industry and Business knowledge / Professional know-how.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. 

Research each SAP module and determine which one best complements your experience and educational background. We recommend focusing on one specific module and becoming an expert in that module – the more experience you gain the more valuable and marketable you are as an SAP consultant.

What type of SAP consultants are there?

There are essentially two primary consulting areas; Functional or Technical. There can be crossover between the two, and often a mix of both, but it is best to focus on one or the other for the best career opportunities. Careers in SAP are guided by focus, so it is important to keep in mind what the background of your experience is and where you want to head in the future. For example, if your main background is in FICO or MM, a functional route might be best for your skillset. If your background is in ABAP technical programming skills, a technical consulting role would be an excellent fit.

Are there always new customers, projects and teams?

SAP environment project work, complex activities, and close coordination with various companies and coworkers, generally brings about new clients and new coworkers for every new project task. Depending on the scope of SAP projects and your colleagues’ usability and availability, you might find yourself working with the same team for several months or for more than a year. Therefore, it is important to welcome frequent change as an opportunity for growth and professional development.

How much does an SAP consultant need to travel for work?

Although there are plenty of opportunities for SAP consultants to find remote work that does not require travel or relocation, travel is critical to maintaining customers nationally and internationally. The amount of travel will vary with every company, especially if international contracts are involved. It is important to clarify in advance what the specific contract travel requirements are and if personal considerations and preferences will be accommodated.

Can an SAP consultant combine family and career?

Work-life balance is a progressive topic in corporate SAP consulting. A good number of firms are assisting their consultants in managing the challenges of constantly changing work circumstances. Holiday leave, parental leave, and unforeseen family situations are often met with mutual support from colleagues and client management teams. Remote consulting and flexible work hours are also critical to the success of a team / client work-life balance.

Where can novices learn more about the SAP consulting profession?

Information about the SAP consulting profession can be found online and through first-hand experience with companies that utilize SAP. Information can also be obtained through lectures, practical hands-on projects, company workshops, job training courses, internships, etc. Participating in such practices and events with other professional SAP consultants will help you better understand if SAP consulting is the correct career path.

Does SAP consulting provide a solid future?

Absolutely. The SAP market is constantly progressing due to the continuous growth and complexity of SAP’s solutions portfolio, business solutions, and business areas. Consultants are expected to have solid transferable solutions, and anticipate and react positively to technical and professional challenges. Therefore, it is essential for consultants to acknowledge change in the SAP industry, to make that change transparent, and design the future together with the customer.

How will I know which employer is right for me?

This depends strongly on individual preferences and what is important to you in your employer. Some factors to consider are company hierarchies and structures, company size, potential for growth and development, training and benefits, etc. It has become common practice for these topics to be addressed during the application and interview process to avoid any future unexpected surprises for both parties.

What kind of salary should I expect as an SAP consultant?

SAP consultant salaries can vary based on which modules of SAP your expertise is in. For instance, here are a few national average examples of various annual SAP consultant salaries in the United States for 2016 – 2017, per Glassdoor.com: Basis Consultant ($85,658), SCM Consultant ($83,667), HR Consultant ($80,739), SD Consultant ($80,554), FICO Consultant ($80,230), and MM Consultant ($77,357).

Where can I get SAP training?

At Blackvard Management Consulting we understand that finding the right SAP training is critical to your future as a highly qualified and successful SAP consultant. Blackvard is here to support you in obtaining the best training possible to fulfill your SAP training expectations. Whether you are searching for functional SAP training or technical, our comprehensive SAP training catalog will provide you with the right courses for your specific training needs. 

Please feel free to review our SAP training course catalog found below or contact us directly at info@blackvard.com or +1 (484) 401-7218 and we’ll be happy to assist you in determining the best training curriculum for your path to becoming an SAP consulting professional.