Thank You To All Of Our Wonderful Attendees!!

The entire Blackvard team would like to extend a huge heartfelt thank you to all of the attendees that contributed to our first SAP® CodeJam! Your input was irreplaceable and we highly value all of your ingenious thoughts and suggestions.
We hope to see you again soon at our next sessions!


Blackvard’s first SAP CodeJam was a super successful event!

Developers in the North East USA joined Blackvard’s FREE Two-Day SAP® CodeJam event on October 18th & 19th, 2016, 10:00AM – 5:00PM. This intimate and informative coding workshop was a combined event with SAP and covered material on SAP® ABAP for Eclipse (Day 1) and SAP® ABAP for HANA (Day 2). On both days, the instructors Ingo Braeuninger (SAP SE) and Lukas Dietzsch (Blackvard CEO) were devoted to supporting our guests.


This CodeJam was designed specifically to allow developers to extend, update, and strengthen their SAP® ABAP for Eclipse and ABAP for HANA skills. This event was the perfect opportunity for attendees to network with peers in a relaxed and informal setting. The following were the topics we covered and answered questions regarding:  ADT Eclipse, HANA, Annotations, OData & the latest news from SAP’s famous event TechEd, and much more!


CodeJam Day 2 was all about SAP HANA!


Taking full advantage of world-renowned SAP trainer, Ingo Braeuninger.


One of our attendees grabbing a cup of coffee without missing a thing!


Something delicious to snack on after a fun morning of coding!


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