In the first chapter of our SAP Solutions & Fashion Industries article, we covered the basic overview of SAP AFS (Apparel and Footwear) and some of the challenges presented by the Apparel and Footwear industry. Now we’d like to turn your attention to some specific advantages that are made available by SAP AFS, as well as a second fashion industry-specific module- SAP IS-Retail.

SAP AFS helps resolve a lot of issues that appear due to seasonality, as we mentioned in Monday’s post. Any one product can change characteristics based on the various seasons throughout the year- colors can change, along with label details, for example. Being deeply rooted in the Sales and Distribution (SD) module of SAP, seasonality affects the entire supply chain within a company. SAP AFS allows for season settings to be maintained in combination with aspects such as category, color, and size. This allows companies to effectively manage and maintain large volumes of seasonal industry-specific data.

There is also AFS’ special ability to handle material sizes through the use of material grids in SAP’s Material Master module (SAP MM). These grids are three dimensional and can maintain three variables within a given grid value. For example, products can be separated by size, seam length, and collar size through the use of these grids. All three variables will be maintained independently, but can also be combined to create a unique grid value, reducing complexity and data volume.

Another great feature of SAP AFS is the ability to categorize products based on their common features, such as quality grade and importing country of particular products. Different products will have different market values as well as customer demand patterns, which can easily be replicated using these categories. The supply and requirements will also be allocated through these categories.

Some additional advantages of SAP AFS are those in Sales Order Processing such as Fast Order Entry, Rush Orders, Credit Card Processing, and Value-Added Services. Currently, SAP AFS is scheduled to be supported by SAP through the year 2020, with some major changes coming; which will be explained later on in this blog.


SAP IS- Retail provides features for the products, information, and personalized shopping experiences that retail shoppers are looking for. Retail management and SAP’s omni-channel commerce software allow for consumers to shop when and where they want, reaching shoppers across any channel such as retail stores, online stores, mobile stores, telephone, etc. Real-time customer and point of sales insights allow retailers to harness the visibility they require in order to optimize everything from merchandising to their entire supply chain.

SAP Retail includes two main categories; (1) Fashion and (2) Food, Drug, and Convenience. The fashion spectrum of SAP Retail helps those in the fashion industry simplify their vertical business and prepare for growth. Integrated SAP software helps boost supply chain collaboration, shorten the time from product concept to customer, and offers end-to-end flexibility, speed, and visibility. Automated and efficient processes help retailers reach their business goals using few resources and less money- allowing them to zero in on customer needs as well as great customer service and overall customer experience.

The Food, Drug, and Convenience spectrum also helps companies to meet product expectations, information and engagement. This on-demand SAP solution provides direct communication with customers, across various sales channels and platform. This allows for a single real-time retail platform that can be used for anticipating specific customer needs, as well as support that enables businesses to provide solid product delivery times to investors.

The upcoming topics of our series regarding “SAP Solutions & Fashion Industries?” – Part III on Monday will be about:

  • SAP Fashion Management Solution (FMS)
  • The Future of AFS and FMS

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